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LA College of Creative Arts Scholarship

LA College of Creative Arts offers scholarship opportunities to incoming new students. These awards are determined on a competitive basis and require the submission of an artist’s statement and an example of student’s work/inspiration piece which is to be attached to this document. All students are encouraged to participate in this process.


Work may include drawings, photographs of work, online material (i.e YouTube video, Instagram photos, Facebook Page, Pinterest Board), anything that demonstrates the inspiration behind your pursuit of a career in the creative arts industry. Online work should be tagged with #createyourfuture and links given in space provided.


The Artist's Statement should include your STUDENT WORK/ INSPIRATION PIECE reasons for wanting to be a make-up artist/fashion designer, a description of people and/or work that you admire, and your academic and artistic goals. Your statement should be 300-500 words (double spaced) in length. Be sure to include your name at the top of your statement.


Email or post this completed form along with your and artist's statement by July 22nd 2016, to be considered for the 1 Year HNC Makeup course due to commence September 2016.